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    Tired of hauling yourself around the city every weekend to try to score a deal on great vintage furniture? Why not let me do the work for you? The Furniture Feed is comprised of my personal weekly picks of great pieces that I see all over Portland. Everyone can see the pictures & prices - become a member to find out where each piece is, and then go get it!
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    So, you want to do some searching yourself? Fantastic! This is our guide to the best vintage stores in Portland. Have fun shopping!
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    What's all the fuss about Secret Vintage Portland? Find out here!
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    For a limited time, basic membership in Secret Vintage Portland is FREE! If you see something you want to buy, just enter in your email to find the location of the piece, then contact the shop directly to make your purchase! Need it shipped? Find out how we can help here.
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    The Curated Home
    "So", you say, "all of this is great, but I still need help putting my new space together! Can you help me?" To which I answer a resounding "YES!" The Curated Home is my sourcing and design service to assist those who lack the time or the confidence to source, restore and place vintage pieces on their own. Click here to find out more!
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Secret Vintage Portland is your key to the goldmine of Portland's many vintage furniture shops. Our store directory gives you the lowdown on where to go if you want to do the picking yourself, and with our "Hand Picked Selection" section, we give you OUR picks of what we think are the best vintage pieces currently available in the city!

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